Hello Friend!

My name is Amy Leah--I am a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Beaverton, Oregon. I grew up in the desert in Phoenix, Arizona where I met my (now) husband at the ripe age of 11. It wasn't until college that we started dating and fell in love. Eight years of marriage, 7 homes and 6 cities later, we are knee deep in the ways of new parenthood with our little boy! 

I love Jesus first and foremost. Snuggly mornings with my sweet little foof (that's one of many names I have for my new little guy). Coffee dates and conversation. Sarcasm and memes. Sunshine and being outdoors. Cronuts and Mexican food. I love my Nikes and athleisure style...comfy pants all day? Sign me up! More coffee. More Mexican food. I love cooking and baking and trying new things. I love to read and write. Community fuels my soul. Loving on people is my jam. I love to travel and eat food that is delish. Love stories and relationships are my favorite. 

Over the last few years I have slowed down my business to focus on being a new mom but being a photographer has been a consistent joy and outlet for me for as long as I can remember. Every new season of my life has been met with beautiful opportunities to travel and meet amazing people doing what I love. I don't just want to be your photographer...I want to be your friend, someone you can trust and someone you can enjoy! I want to gush over wedding details, your new little baby or the latest and greatest trends and talk about more than just the weather! Sound like you? I would love to grab coffee and most of all tell your beautiful story.




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