Elijah // Phoenix Newborn Photography

This sweet little human. Not even 20 days new. I can't even begin to tell you how much photographing this new season for people means to me. I get to step into these precious first moments of parenthood and snap the excitement and joy...the fresh skin and tiny fingers and toes. I get to capture memories for them that will seem like a sweet distant dream when they are standing on a field cheering obnoxiously as their son accepts his graduation diploma and readys for college...time passes so quickly and these are the moments they will look back on with tears of joy. Ahh- man. Sappy but a glimpse of my heart for these images below. Such an amazing honor. Elijah is such a sweet, quite little thing. His parents, Dajana and Nelson, have hearts of gold and personalities that make you want to stay, drink coffee, eat terrible scones ;) and talk for hours. I loved every minute of our session together. Conversations and perspective between every image snapped. Laughter and jokes between feedings and stepping on puppies...sorry Ziggy. Little Eli is one lucky little dude. 

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