Moving Day // Moving forward and Moving Spaces

It feels like we are starting over.

Taking new steps; starting fresh.

I didn't think simply moving a little ways away would make me feel like this but it feels like a chapter is ending and coming to a close in a way we could have never predicted.

I am so excited for this next little season. I'm nervous. I'm curious to see whats next.

Time and time again our world keeps changing and we are continuing to be shaped more and more. Today I am looking back at how we got here, why we are here, and partially wondering how could it possibly have lead to this. The funny part is, in life we all have expectations and a picture of whats ahead, but things change, people change, and sometimes life takes a turn that you don't expect.

From growing up together, dating, getting married, surviving our first small apartment, expanding our horizons, learning about each other, helping start a church, changing careers, changing our perspective, building community, sharpening, changing inside and out, growing, juggling life and ministry, experiencing highs and lows, moving to central Phx, learning, questioning, laughing, crying, experiencing the real story of God and joining in it, being vulnerable, feeling bruised, feeling defeat, changing pace, changing careers again, slowing down, being silent, listening intently, taking time, Chris healing physically, loving on our families, juggling finances, starting a small business and seeing potential and real impact in our new careers. Changes.

These last 8 months we have seen strange and unexpected things, but it has seemed quiet, slow and a building of something new ahead. And things that once were dreams and plans have now become distant. Our world views and approach to life has shifted. I'm not the wife I thought I would be. We don't have the marriage we thought we would have. We are not the people we set out to become. Not in a bad way, but somehow, today, life feels so intentionally beautiful in a twist and turn of events. Life is unpredictable in a strange and exciting way. 

Today I woke up in a new place. With gorgeous wood floors and new sounds and smells. 

We moved. Only 20 miles down the freeway, but it feels like a fresh piece of earth for us to make memories, change our perspective, and continue to give Him all the glory. It might sound small and insignificant to most, but today, I feel a shift in my heart and a hope for what's ahead. Here's to moving forward, praising Jesus for his steady and protecting hand on us in the highs and the lows, and experiencing new challenges and joy ahead.

Amy SanchezComment