#MidnightMulligan // A Chance to Change Tomorrow

Last night I posted something on Instagram that was a little more personal.

A cry for a chance to change. A big thank you for mercy. A shocked applaud at the love I don't deserve. 

Sometimes I get through the day and feel like I missed the mark. Isn't that normal? We all miss the mark...its in our nature. But over the past month or so, I have had a stir in my heart to start talking about those missed opportunities to do great things, in hopes to break the patterns and motivate you and myself for a better tomorrow.

Most nights, I crawl into bed way too late and let my mind wander. I find that in those last moments of the day, while my body is winding down and ready for rest, I get a second wind and I want to run, workout, write music, sing my heart out, take pictures, laugh with friends, say things differently, do things differently, rewrite the day and make memories. To change the things I'm not proud of. To have a chance to be different. In these late hours of the night, it feels as though my heart has this last moment of desperation to seize the day before sleep ushers me into a new morning...leaving today in the dust, never to be relived again.

Sounds dramatic right?

Well it feels dramatic, really.  

We each have a number on our heads. A precious allotment of days to be present, effect this world and leave something behind. But while I lie awake in my bed, rolling over the events of the day, I feel like there are so many opportunities where I could have been different, where I shouldn't have chosen that path, where I could have been wiser.

For the past month, I couldn't help but think about that feeling of desperation. I wanted to find a way to harness this longing to do more, to be more with my life, and use it to propel my day and not to let it fall into the category of another day wasted.

So here I am, starting new Instagram campaign called #midnightmulligan.

This is for myself and for those that wish they could be more with the time they have on this earth.

Its for those that want a second chance at being exactly who they dream to be.

Its for the moments lost and the opportunities wasted.

Its for the interactions where we come up short and wish we could have loved deeper, lived bolder and been present. 

Its for the choices we make that leave us baffled at our ability to really screw things up.

Its the mistakes that forever brand us as human, because we all make mistakes.

We all need a mulligan every once in a while.

A second chance to be different.

But in this messy world, there is a beautiful, beautiful reality that each night breaks away to a new morning. A renewal. A fresh start. New mercies each morning.


Though we ALL must lay down to sleep, let go of the day and move to the next, we have a rare opportunity to learn from today and use it to effect tomorrow.

This is my chance to speak to myself through love notes for tomorrow, to effect change for a new bright day and to grab hold of the opportunities lost.

New mercies await us each morning.

This is our chance to make sure they are not wasted.

Share your Midnight Mulligan with hashtag #midnightmulligan

And follow my journey through my Instagram: @amyleah

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